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Here you can view what others have said about ... uhhhh ... Watching Paint Dry and toss in your two cents for everyone to see. You are limited to 1000 characters (no HTML) and pls keep it relevant and family friendly. Bonus points if you notice a spot the painters missed! Thank you in advance for your painty comments.

The inside of my house was painted in May/2007 and the outside two months later ... with live coverage on the Internet via a webcam. So Internet surfers could chime in on the Paint Blog below along with commentary from Mr. Paint.


1 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_23_08:20:18.345:
The painters just showed up, so I'm turning on blogging. Jeff and Mark are checking out the tin man suit of armor.
paint image

2 - "Fred" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_08:35:24.803:
Let the painters know that we will be watching them to make sure they don't miss a spot!

3 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_23_09:24:28.516:
Brian has shown up with the paint and misc. materials ... so all three of 'em are cranking and tarps are laid down and prep work has started.
paint ladder

4 - "Anonymous" from (77-105-52-22.adsl-1.sezampro.yu) wrote at 2007_05_23_09:49:10.442:
That guy on the ladder better be careful.
Mr. Paint replies at 10:10 - Yea, that ceiling fan is a long-reach.
paint image

5 - "UK-Robert" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_10:41:48.141:
Is that Godzilla next to Buzz Lightyear?

6 - "Mike Straka" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_10:48:03.034:

7 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_11:18:04.195:
It's not paint, it's
fark paint image

8 - "Smellvin" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_11:20:44.863:
Please fall off the ladder for our communal amusement.

9 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_11:28:39.044:
You missed a spot.

10 - "TF'er Enygma" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_11:34:01.730:
I'm in yr interwebz, watchin' u paint. LOLOHNOES!!!1

11 - "TF'er markie_farkie" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_05_23_11:36:35.634:
You should add a nice wheel of cheddar so we can watch that age, along with the paint drying!
Mr. Paint replies at 11:51 - I don't have any wheels of cheddar, but I do have a bag of shredded cheese ... so if Drew greenlights this, sure, I'll toss that out!

12 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_23_11:49:35.399:
Glad to report no ladder falls ... but they were wayyyy up there! Breaking for lunch - back about 12:30 ... and should be spray painting around 2:00.

13 - "Kankerlijer" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_12:16:32.396:
Ik wil zien iets! Val jullie alles!

14 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_12:35:42.655:
Zoom closeup of top of ladder and painting the ceiling beam - whooops, he just got down.
Mr. Paint replies at 12:51 - They are applying a white primer - I'll pull some images from the archive and make a movie. In the meantime, here's a picture of the tin-man being pulled down earlier this morning ... and here is a time-lapse video.
tin man

15 - "klatu" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_05_23_13:23:35.765:
Could someone point me to a tutorial on setting up one of these cams. Preferably one without a ___700.00 camera. I have Comcast high sp**d. Oh yeah, this is riviting.

16 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_23_13:27:52.069:
Here's a picture of Mark wayyyy up on the ladder priming the ceiling beam - and here is a video.
paint image

17 - "Jeff" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_14:06:05.517:
Where is the spray paint gun - we want some action!!!
Mr. Paint replies at 14:15 - Some issue with the sprayer they are having to fix - Brian is supposed to be on his way over. In the meantime, Mark mentioned he plays in a band - more info here.
14:25 Update: Brian just showed up - we'll be spraying in about 10 minutes!

18 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_14:55:54.595:
Rambo is wielding the paint gun and going into action - LOL!

19 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_15:34:05.640:
Rambo is back for round 2!
Mr. Paint replies at 15:37 - Actually, his name is Brian ... here's picture of him from an hour or so ago.

20 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_23_15:40:51.029:
Brian applies the first coat - goodbye white, hello yeller!
first coat

Here's what it looked like from the webcam - I had Saran Wrap protecting it from overspray ... watch video of the whole thing.

21 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_16:00:53.631:
Dude is way up on the ladder with the fan.
Mr. Paint replies at 18:14 - Mark was putting the ceiling fan back in place - not an easy job as can be seen in the video.
ceiling fan

22 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_05_23_17:19:00.964:
Watch Paint Dry or Grass Grow? Oh jeeeez! This is so overwelming.

23 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_23_18:13:41.140:
Painters are done for the day with excellent progress made as the ceilings are done. Spraying 'em took less than an hour, but there is quite a bit of prep work required beforehand and then take-down afterwards as can be seen in the pictures/videos below. They'll be back tomorrow around 8'ish to start work on the walls ... with live coverage via the watching paint dry webcam! ;-)
paint done

24 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_08:10:26.633:
Watched the paint dudes yesterday - they rock - when are they showing up

25 - "JeniCamGirl" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_08:23:19.237:
Can I come over and have my body painted so my friends from CollegeHumor can see me?

26 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_09:07:43.716:
Painters have arrived, plus new webcam angle - coooool!
Mr. Paint replies at 09:29 - Yep - Jeff & Mark are cranking away and starting on the stairs ... so I moved the webcam as can be seen below in the wide-angle and closeup shots.
new view paint
ladder paint

27 - "PaintFanBoy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_09:46:21.257:
You missed a spot on the ceiling by the fan!!!!!!!!!

28 - "PaintFanBoy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_10:13:58.735:
Nice job paint rolling that spot you missed - will let you know if you miss any other places - LOL!

29 - "Kynitekia" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_10:44:00.463:
hey cool! always wanted this cam to go up

30 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_24_11:42:25.680:
The paint rolling of the walls is going pretty fast - here's a time-lapse video of the morning.
morning paint

31 - "stinky england" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_11:42:35.662:
greetings over the pond. what tea breaks do u about a nice cuppa cha and a gingernut.

32 - "Lars" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_13:25:43.783:
Crazy American. Bad colour.

33 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_05_24_13:32:08.916:
I see Moe and Larry. I wonder where Curly went?
Mr. Paint replies at 13:49 - Here's Curly for 'ya ... don't get him angry ... you wouldn't like him when he is angry! ;-)
paint image

34 - "PaintFanBoy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_14:20:45.107:
Webcam moved again - give Curly a paintbrush.

35 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_05_24_14:31:55.361:
If you are paying Larry by the hour, I would give him a bigger brush

36 - "SS" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_14:52:45.208:
LOL leave it to you to start a buzz about your painting project. I do not envy you the hassles.

37 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_05_24_14:56:53.714:
I hope that paint is Gluten Free

38 - "PaintFanBoy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_15:20:04.741:
Where did Moe and Larry go - are they slacking off again?

39 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_15:26:20.638:
Is this the one where Shemp dips his sandwich in the paint

40 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_16:10:41.773:
Greatest ... WebSite ... EVER

41 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_16:21:31.845:
We found Curly he is running the camera

42 - "TedR" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_16:22:05.460:
Awesome Closeup Zoom.
Mr. Paint replies at 16:26 - Mark is a darn good painter!
closeup paint

43 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_16:25:16.539:
Has anyone seen Moe?
Mr. Paint replies at 18:03 - Here's all three of the Stooges ...
paint image

44 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_17:12:10.309:
Paint fumes and beer... Pull his keys

45 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_24_18:25:36.000:
Watching Grass Grow is cool, but Watching Paint Dry is soooo much cooler - can't wait until the webcam is live again tomorrow - can't you leave it on overnight so we can watch it dry!

46 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_24_18:54:33.796:
Jeff and Mark (aka Mo and Larry) worked pretty hard, so I figured they deserved a cool brew at the end of the day. Here's a video of them cranking in the afternoon. And yea, after all that action, Watching Grass Grow isn't quite as exciting! Brian should be here tomorrow in the mid-morning to paint the red accents ... so we'll see a bit more color than just Yeller ... ;-)

47 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_06:12:15.720:
Stay tuned, with a little luck we will see Mr. Paint get his palm red.

48 - "Sheri" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_06:41:55.827:
Red is my favorite color Mr. Paint.

49 - "Mark Doughty" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_06:46:47.049:
This is soooo cool hours of fun for everyone!!!

50 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_07:02:21.124:
Calling Dr.Howard... Dr.Howard.. Calling Dr. Fine

51 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_07:55:32.180:
Brian just called and said he is on the way - said he would be here in about 15 minutes - I said I'd get the webcam online for him! ;-)

52 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_07:56:30.741:
I am so glad school is out for the summer here in mesa. now I can watch all the time.

53 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_08:28:02.907:
Brian and Mr. P are outside

54 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_08:36:15.415:
Contract negotiations??

55 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:00:10.388:
Armor suit mate is going to paint?

56 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:08:02.685:
I think he only works the knight shift
Mr. Paint replies at 09:32 - Hilarious ... BTW, Brian says he is NOT paying the knight overtime.
knight paint

57 - "Jon Doe" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:09:10.349:
Show some darn paint, i sure dont see any here......

58 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:16:01.005:
Guy in green shirt sure is working hard not working at all. Fix that fan and add a clock, while your at it eat your lunch :)

59 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:19:54.360:
Fake! All cgi, dont bother with it, its just animations not even real paint!!!!

60 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:22:13.690:
Mr. Paint is all right he has papers to prove it

61 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:24:22.479:
That beer s**** :)
Mr. Paint replies at 09:34 - Hey ... Rainier Beer (see picture below) is my home-town beer ... in fact, I've climbed Mt. Rainier ... and lets not forget the classic TV commercial with the raaaiii ... neeeer ... beeeeer sound track!

62 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_09:27:16.517:
He should have slept with the windows open... I think the fumes got him

63 - "Dave from Seattle" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_10:14:31.482:
Long live Rainieeeeer Beeeeer!!!

64 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_10:19:37.364:
The red paint has started ... so for those of you that want some music to listen to for that, here is Red House by Jimi Hendrix.

65 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_10:30:18.516:
I was hoping you would play Panama Red by The New Riders of the Purple Sage

66 - "PaintFanBoy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_10:35:54.314:
Nice closeup of the guy free-handing with the brush - is that Mo, Larry, or Curly?

67 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_10:42:53.111:
No that is Sir Brian of the Knights of Nicky-Nicky. He works for a shrub

68 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_10:48:07.841:
Sir Brian used to work for the Knights of Ni

69 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_10:51:14.419:
Do not say it!!!, you will knock him off the ladder

70 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_11:03:19.098:
Brian does some great work ... although he seems to have to paint over the same spot a buncha times.
brian painting red

71 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_11:06:27.495:
Rolling the Red, where is the Fire Engine?

72 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_11:09:30.826:
Maybe Sir Brian should use his good eye

73 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_11:14:54.564:
Here's a closeup webcam snapshot of Brian doing some fine work along with a video.
brian red

74 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_11:29:28.219:
I dub thee knight. Be loyal, brave, and true. ...

75 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_12:26:27.736:
What is Sir Knight wearing that makes him look bug-eyed?
Mr. Paint replies at 12:59 - Brian hung his respirator from the Tin Man earlier today - pleasure having not only a good painter, but also has an excellent sense of humor. BTW, he was the one who requested Red House by Jimi Hendrix and I'll be switching over to that as the default music in a few minutes when he starts another red wall.
brian mask

76 - "baby jesus" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_12:48:59.407:
Nice a** and legs

77 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_13:39:40.844:
How much are you paying that Big Green Painter? Whatever it is, it's too much as he ain't working - just standing around.

78 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_13:44:43.765:
The Big Green Guy Works For OSHA Do Not Make Him Mad!!

79 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_13:59:14.343:

80 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_14:01:43.882:
Is this the McDonald's house?

81 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_14:05:16.431:
No but I think Helen Keller picked out the colors

82 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_14:13:36.005:
Hulk says the colors are SMASHING ... and yea, don't get him angry ... you wouldn't like him when he is angry! ;-)
hulk paint

83 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_14:29:21.759:
Research has long confirmed that different colors stimulate emotional and physical reactions in people. Color can impact our mood, our appetite, and our energy level. Color can sway thinking, change actions and cause reactions. It can irritate your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. So, there is NO doubt that color has a significant effect on us. But did you know that the color red can keep you from achieving? Though red can be a vibrant, sizzling and eye-catching color, it appears that it can throw you off as you take a test or perform a task. Red usually implies danger, commands us to stop, and is associated with imperfection and failing. Remember those red pencil marks on your assignments and test? Well, researchers at the University of Rochester found if test takers were shown red or even a hint of the color, their performances plummeted. So, pass along this advice to others: WEAR GREEN! Like The Hulk

84 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_14:32:12.885:
pink makes me dizzy like on a tea-cup ride at disney. purple is cool.
Mr. Paint replies at 14:36 - That's not pink paint ... it's Fiery Opal!

85 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_14:36:30.179:
The Knight from Ni

86 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_14:38:35.225:

87 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_15:02:18.275:
Shoulda painted green!!!

88 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_15:07:11.676:
Jeff and Mark just arrived to assist Brian in the painting.

89 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_15:13:42.033:
Curly and Mo are back - yip, yip, yip, yip!

90 - "Kina in KC" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_15:20:16.524:
Nice color Mr. G. aka Mr. P. When they're done my office needs a new paint job. Come on down guys. BTW all girls in this office no Mr. anyones, IF YOU CARE!!

91 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_25_15:55:06.815:
Time to do the Curly shuffle... Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

92 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_16:12:45.442:
Brian, Jeff, Mark are done ... and my wife Wendy came home and says it looks "AWESOME" - and she wears the (paint) pants in this family! ;-) I'd say we are about halfway through - painters are planning to work on Monday (Memorial Day), so tune in then for live coverage. In the meantime, you can Watch Grass Grow ...

93 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_25_19:26:03.410:
Here's a video of the entire day of painting which includes a guest appearance by The Incredible Hulk!
paint image

94 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_26_10:19:43.511:
I am SO bummed there is NO live painting today as I wanted to spend the WHOLE WEEKEND watching paint dry!

95 - "Thom" from ( wrote at 2007_05_26_15:14:09.481:
GrassCam has scary creatuures

96 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_26_18:56:28.960:
Just bought a D-Link DCS-6620G. You sir, are an inspiration. Thumbs up all around!
Mr. Paint replies at 19:27 - I'd be curious what you plan to use it for. BTW, mine are a few years old, so I don't know if there is a better/cheaper webcam out there ... but the DCS-6620G has the main nice-to-have features of wireless, pan-tilt-zoom, and optical zoom. You might find my $27.34 outdoor webcam enclosure useful.

97 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_27_23:25:17.585:
I'm so excited to watch the paintcam tomorrow that I can't fall asleep!

98 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_07:19:29.358:
I'm up and ready for some action - when does the painting start?

99 - "tammie" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_07:48:41.349:
bring on the paint!!!

100 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_28_07:50:42.623:
Brian just called and said we'll see the first painter in about 25 minutes ... so I'll go setup the webcam and turn it on.

101 - "Julie" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_08:37:55.358:
Lotta action this morning - paint the HULK!!!

102 - "tammie" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_08:43:38.646:
i'm so glad brian is getting that place painted at the top of the "fiery opal" wall. that was bugging me.

103 - "tammie" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_08:57:52.690:
careful brian,that looks tricky where you are at.
Mr. Paint replies at 09:10 - Brian says he appreciates your concern and he'll be careful!
paint image

104 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_09:23:02.481:
Good Morning Mr. P, crew, and observers!

105 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_09:50:08.211:
Brian missed a spot just to the right of the ceiling fan - put him back up on the ladder.

106 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_28_09:55:43.621:
Is that the ladder of success
Mr. Paint replies at 10:06 - Here's a video of the "Ladder of Success" ... as you can see, he did NOT miss a spot!

107 - "PaintFanBoy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_10:48:55.050:
He's back up on the ladder again touching up that missed spot - LOL!

108 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_10:59:39.270:
Hulk likes puny human

109 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_11:24:53.008:
Hulk want to do Trading Spaces like on TV...

110 - "tammie" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_11:31:27.319:
did you get that paper written yet?

111 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_11:33:09.871:
Almost finished! Just a few more tweaks and I'm done.

112 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_28_11:45:28.087:
Memorial Day Mowing (with a real Red Toro Lawn Mower) starting in about 15 minutes over at Watching Grass Grow!
lawn mower

113 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_12:12:21.930:
bye paint guys.

114 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_28_12:34:54.120:
It looks like they're cleaning up. Are they done?
Mr. Paint replies at 12:39 - YEP - it is a holiday, so wrapping things up and heading out for BBQ's. Plus they need to let some of the red dry before they can paint the gold accent. They'll be back tomorrow.

115 - "Sir Brian (the painter) of Nicky Nicky" wrote at 2007_05_28_13:25:20.486:
Thanks fer watchin' today folks,be sure to tune in tomorrow and watch for my extra tall painter(tall as the Hulk), but for now it's time fer a cool brew and a hot dog.
Mr. Paint replies at 13:44 - Thanks for the good work by your team today Brian on a holiday - here it all is on time-lapse video - man, you guys can paint fast! Enjoy your cold one ... and I look forward to seeing this really, really tall painter tomorrow.!

116 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_08:20:56.480:
Where are the painters?

117 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_08:24:00.647:
hello in the house

118 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_08:29:10.374:
there they are

119 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_29_08:52:00.559:
Yea, Brian just showed up and Mark should be here in a bit. Unfortunately, the really tall painter came down sick today ... so we won't see 'em here today.

120 - "Curtis" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_09:28:09.879:
Ladder action again - be careful!

121 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_10:43:20.529:
I don't see the painters very much, must be slacking off.
Mr. Paint replies at 11:11 - They are working on the front door, so frequently out of range of the field of view of the webcam.

122 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_11:21:57.997:
Monkey crawling around your fireplace

123 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_11:29:53.913:
Is that paint called Poop Brown - LOL!

124 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_11:44:57.886:
Thanks for moving the blue sofa --- it was blocking the view.

125 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_12:32:32.428:
There he is, but which one - Curly, Mo, or Larry?

126 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_29_13:24:32.681:
That would be Gavin - he's cranking on the gold accents for the fireplace and other spots.
gold accents

127 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_13:35:50.308:

128 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_29_13:56:48.147:
Just pretend you are painting with that cursor! As noted before, Brian and Mark are working on the front door and have created their own self-contained paint booth. That is also painted red ... or Fiery Opal to be more exact!
door paint

129 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_14:05:49.548:
I dont want to pretend I want to do it for real!

130 - "Darcy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_14:16:52.524:
I hate Pretend to pain its the worst thing ever and may we please a close up of the painting action

131 - "BobM" from ( wrote at 2007_05_29_16:31:14.450:
Lots of ladders - no painters!

132 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_29_17:35:42.222:
It's a wrap today - this project is just about done. The cool/damp weather today slowed down the front door project since the primer has to dry. So the hope is to finish that up tomorrow and do interior touch up ... and then we should be done. For the Paint Fans out there, I plan to have Brian come back in late July for some exterior work ... with, of course, live webcam coverage.

133 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_29_19:34:31.297:
Here's a video of the work today ... with the Hulk and Tinman keeping an eye on all the action. Brian and his team have done a great job, but we're not sure about the accent color we picked - it's #203 and called Fields of Gold - but as commenter #123 pointed out, it's a bit Poopy looking. BTW, the base is #200 Westminster Gold and the Fiery Opal is #77. Be sure to tune in for tomorrow for the final day of live webcam coverage! ;-)
hulk tinman paint

134 - "tammie" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_08:06:33.162:
why does it have to be thelast day??? let's have putting in new carpet cam or remodel the bathroom cam. does brian have any experience in any of these?

135 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_08:23:22.941:
Webcam is up - bummed it is the last day - LONG LIVE PAINT!!!

136 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_09:09:23.988:
Better than a FARK'in spelling bee!

137 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_09:32:08.709:
Actually, incredibly humid conditions are better for painting believe it or not. The paint will not dry as quickly, but it will spread more evenly. Most car paint shops have humidifiers in them to help them more evently coat the car with paint.

138 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_30_10:55:26.141:
The first coat of the red paint has been applied to the front door - I guess they call it Fiery Opal for a reason!
fiery opal front door

139 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_11:00:57.204:
You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You___'re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You___'ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone
Mr. Paint replies at 11:23 - That was good ... now we just need to cue up the music! Here's Brian applying the second coat of Fiery Opal!
fiery opal door

140 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_11:43:47.438:
Witness Mr Paint, a charter member in the fraternity of dreamers. A bookish little man whose passion is the painted wall but who is conspired against by his wife and a world full of tongue-clucking painters and the unrelenting hands of his clock. But in just a moment Mr. Paint will enter a world without painters, wives or clocks or anything else. He___'ll have a house all to himself - In the Twilight Zone

141 - "Miles" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_13:10:13.785:
Hey, I wanted to watch paint dry, not door fitting :'(

142 - "Mr. Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:12:47.509:
I see a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore I want them to turn black

143 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_13:13:00.690:
What up with the door mate?

144 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_13:13:56.089:
Where is the paint - I want a refund!!!

145 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:14:52.354:
Do not let that door hit you where the good Lord sits ya

146 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_30_13:18:07.470:
We offer a full-money back refund here at Watching Paint Dry! Now watch Mr. Paint go up on the 8 foot ladder to fix the canopy on the light!

147 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_13:21:58.292:
Be careful Mr. Paint, the world is watching you!!!!!!

148 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:23:36.753:
Knock, knock! Who___'s there? Barbie. Barbie who? Bar-B-Q

149 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:25:38.678:
How many Mr. Paints does it take to change a light bulb?

150 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_13:30:57.725:
Have the Hulk do it for you Mr. Paint

151 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:40:15.787:
Try some duck tape

152 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:45:04.411:
Calling Dr.Howard... Dr.Howard.. Calling Dr. Fine

153 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:47:22.112:
I see Curly, where is Moe and Larry

154 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_30_13:49:07.658:
Have a short in the light fixture wiring - nice little POP - so we'll have to fix that - D'OH!

155 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_13:49:36.507:
Is this the one where water comes out of the light

156 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_30_14:17:04.109:
Light FIXED - back to the door fix'in! ;-)

157 - "Anonymous" from (.) wrote at 2007_05_30_14:26:05.463:
When is a door not a door? When it is ajar

158 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_05_30_15:38:34.949:
My life was watching the paint dry. Sorry to see it is over :(

159 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_30_17:48:53.728:
Sorry that the live paint webcam is over ... but we're glad the project is finished. I'll post a few pictures and do a final wrapup in the next day or so, and then disable comments ... until the outside of the house is painted in mid-July ... be sure to come back then for live webcam coverage!

160 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_30_23:48:27.291:
Here's a few pictures from the last day of painting ... plus videos of the whole day, putting tinman back up, and Mr. Paint re-hanging the light. BTW, that took a while because the wires aren't labeled hot, neutral, or ground, so after popping the breaker, I pulled an Ohmeter out to identify 'em. Incidentally, that colorful light started this whole painting project as once my wife found that, she said we were ready to paint!
tin man

161 - "PaintFanBoy" from ( wrote at 2007_05_31_15:10:03.304:
This was better than going to the movies, sorry to see it come to an end, can't wait until the outdoor paint job.

162 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_05_31_23:28:18.213:
Here's a few final pictures - hope everyone enjoyed the webcam footage of the inside of my house being painted. The outside of the house is being painted in mid-July, so surf back then for live coverage of Watching Paint Dry ... but in the meantime, you can Watch Grass Grow! ;-)
The Fiery Opal front door makes a bold statement!
paint door
Didn't realize until the end we color matched Pinbot Pinball!
paint pinball
Still need to hang stuff back up on the walls ... but looking good!
paint all

163 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_15_19:29:26.503:
Brian and his crew from Assorted Colors did a nice job painting the interior of the house, so I asked 'em to come back and paint the outside of the house. They start the prep work tomorrow, so I have turned on the live webcam and blogging again.

164 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_07_15_19:34:36.285:
wow, been waiting for the painters for so long. luv your backyard, mr g! [From Grass Blog]

165 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_07_16_07:17:42.006:
Good morning all!

166 - "eso" from ( wrote at 2007_07_16_07:39:54.116:
Where are the painters? It's almost 8:00 there...

167 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_07_16_07:41:47.033:
morning everyone

168 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_16_08:11:09.791:
Good morning back to everyone. While you are waiting for the painters to show up, here's some video of the BACK lawn getting mowed!
mowing back lawn

169 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_16_08:24:46.683:
PAINT.....PAINT....PAINT....PAINT....PAINT How are you going to make the colors of Halloween and Christmas match?

170 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_16_11:03:36.285:
Who/What was the dude doing under the chimney?

171 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_16_13:44:32.425:
33 degrees - a bit toasty for the painter mates don't you think? Haven't seen them for a bit - are they done for the day?
Mr. Paint replies at 15:15 - 33°C is over 90°F ... so yea, it's baking, especially in the sun. Nick is the only one working today and he's been doing prep work mostly off-camera. Should be three painters here tomorrow for more action. BTW, the guy under the chimney was actually me - the GFCI for the deck lights keep popping, so I'm trying to figure out where the problem is.

172 - "BillyBob" from ( wrote at 2007_07_16_16:27:13.824:
Watched for hours today - BORING. Let me know when the female painters who work topless due to the hot weather show up.

173 - "my name" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_07_16_17:11:22.169:
omg i just realized after watching this for 5 hours that the painters finished last year! haha wow that tells you that i am a stupid dumb you know what! PEACE G'S!
Mr. Paint replies at 17:29 - They actually finished two months ago - May/2007. But that was the interior - now they are painting the exterior.

174 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_10:39:17.537:
Don't fall off that ladder Mr. Painter!

175 - "BobM" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_11:44:42.871:
Did I just see some Painter's Crack?
Mr. Paint replies at 12:03 - While the webcam has a zoom capability, I won't be using it to get that close. These guys are working hard - it's warm out there in the Sun! BTW, they are taking a break for lunch - should be back by 1:00.
crack paint

176 - "BobM" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_12:41:10.176:
Painters are BACK - appear to be scaping?

177 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_12:58:38.432:
Dude almost fell off of roof!
Mr. Paint replies at 13:10 - They are being careful up there ...
paint roof

178 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:08:05.471:
ok. i see the van, i can see the ladder but, not one painter whatsoever. off to 2nd lunchbreak?

179 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:11:56.659:
it was over 100___F today here... man, was i dying

180 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:17:27.241:
Why are they painting the house in white streaks?

181 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:23:05.566:
The painter just cheered for paint - do they know lots of people are viewing on the Internet?
Mr. Paint replies at 14:28 - Yea, I told 'em about the webcam and they seem to ignore it ... but maybe they were doing a "Hooray for Paint" here ... or just catching a rag?!? ;-)
The white streaks are primer to prepare the surface for painting in a few days.

paint throw
paint hooray

182 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:27:50.334:
tell them that someone took their van :)

183 - "Jeff" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:39:47.747:
Painters are gone again . hope you aren't paying them by the hour

184 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:42:05.717:
Back in SuperDuper Closeup - SWEET!!!

185 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_07_17_14:44:32.533:
that's so cool.

186 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_17_17:02:06.081:
Painters are done for the day - for those who missed it, watch a time-lapse video of all of the action. Nick said he thought the webcam was pretty funny and called his family while he was working as can be seen below. Prep work continues tomorrow ... so tune in then for more live webcam coverage! ;-)
paint phone

187 - "TRogers" from ( wrote at 2007_07_18_08:08:01.906:
Cam is up - and two trash buckets are in front yard - but I want to see some painting action - what time do the painters arrive?

188 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_18_09:54:21.276:

189 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_18_10:27:40.509:
Nick and Steve are working away. I figured they might want some help/company, so I tossed my Big Green Buddy back there with 'em ...
hulk paint

190 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_18_11:12:26.690:
Give the HULK a paintbrush!!!

191 - "Kevin" from ( wrote at 2007_07_18_11:59:45.962:
Lunch time.....

192 - "eso" from ( wrote at 2007_07_18_12:09:28.305:
Lots of prep there. Is that all cracking from harsh weather?

193 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_18_13:22:27.936:
Yea, the SouthWest Exposure of the back-side of the house to the Colorado sun has caused quite a bit of cracking. Painters are working on the front of the house this afternoon - here's a video of this morning's progress. BTW, if I can find a paintbrush big enough for him, I'll put the Hulk to work! ;-)

194 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_18_15:11:51.526:
The wind has started to pick up (even knocked over the Hulk!) and the painters are going to stay on the front-side of the house ... so I turned the webcam off. Note that the Grass Cam runs 24x7 for your viewing pleasure & excitement ... ;-)
Here's the last image from the webcam before yours truly unplugged it - YIKES!

paint done

195 - "Dave from Jersey" from ( wrote at 2007_07_19_07:24:20.150:
Cup of Joe and the Paint Webcam - best way to start the morning!!!

196 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_07_19_11:23:10.212:
mr. paint, where are the painting fellas? lookin' good.

197 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_07_19_11:25:41.130:
also, mr. paint, whats the financial model sites like this. can't seem to grasp the concept. but i might have to get myself into something like this... hmm.

198 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_07_19_13:16:02.867:
has anyone seen any painting today?!

199 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_19_13:32:45.638:
Painters are here, but working on the North and East sides of the house ... so they are mostly not visible in the webcam. There really is no "financial model" ... it's just fun ... unless you want to donate to cover the cost of the painting - LOL! ;-)

200 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_19_15:02:52.553:
The HULK is back!!!

201 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_19_16:33:57.735:

202 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_19_19:08:07.639:
After working hard all day, Nick and Jeremy decided to have some fun with the Hulk'in painter ... that is six-year old Kyle is in the second picture.
paint hulk 1
paint hulk 1
paint hulk 1

203 - "eso" from ( wrote at 2007_07_19_20:26:12.955:
You know, the lawn (re: GRASS) back here is looking a tad neglected...

204 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_20_08:11:08.289:
those pictures are very funny. how much are you paying these guys?

205 - "Kina" from ( wrote at 2007_07_20_09:09:38.753:
Nick and Jeremy, you make great hulks and I can't wait to see what kind of painters you are. I'll keep checking on you. I see you have reliable help too, Kyle!!

206 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_07_20_11:26:19.845:
Great stuff!

207 - "Gill (Luke's mum)" from ( wrote at 2007_07_20_12:20:59.185:
Ummmmmm!this is something else.Not much of that happening in uk at the moment,cold,wet,windy.Luke just finished school today for summer holidays,so "happy holidays". Gill.

208 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_07_20_17:55:58.929:
Poor Nick. All slim and shoeless. You'd better give him a big bonus and a couple of Big Macs.

209 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_23_10:16:46.086:
Where are the painters
Mr. Paint replies at 10:53 - Brian says they'll be over after lunch.

210 - "spade" from ( wrote at 2007_07_23_23:02:01.223:
hello ppls....

211 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_24_14:34:28.744:
Painters didn't make it over ... but Brian had a good excuse - his wife had a baby a few hours ago! He says they'll be over Wednesday morning.

212 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_24_17:20:37.694:
hey alek, good thing you are agood person. love that. why was it twice i checked in that i was the only person watching? be back wednesday.
Mr. Paint replies at 17:58 - Appreciate the "good person" compliment. Since there hasn't been any painting on the webcam, surfers don't stick around due to no action ... so not many viewers at once ... that should change tomorrow! ;-)

213 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_25_12:48:03.544:
what time does the painting start

214 - "Kina in KC" from ( wrote at 2007_07_25_12:58:05.814:
Is someone painting today? The prep work looks great though. Later Kids.
Mr. Paint replies at 15:53 - Nick was working away on the garage door, but unfortunately not seeable on the webcam. Should have a full team out there tomorrow - maybe I'll put the webcam on a tripod and follow 'em around a bit?

215 - "Vince" from ( wrote at 2007_07_26_11:35:27.145:
Saw two painter dudes on the grass cam in the front yard - no sight of them in the back yard yet. Nice Cam - I need one of these to watch my corn grow.

216 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_26_14:41:31.712:
I moved the camera over to the East side of the house where they are working - should be firing up the sprayer in about an hour if the rain holds off.

217 - "Kina in KC" from ( wrote at 2007_07_26_15:39:11.928:
Nice legs painter man.

218 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_26_15:52:46.233:
Poneytail man is spraying AND rolling plus he is fast. Are you paying them double?

219 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_07_26_18:14:41.006:
Yikes!!! Now Mr Paint is watching us!!
Mr. Paint replies at 18:25 - The last image just before I unplugged the webcam ... ;-)
paint eye

220 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_26_18:30:23.455:
Keith and Steve were doing the afternoon painting today. Keith is Brian's father-in-law and lives in Florida, but is in Colorado for the summer since Brian is a new dad. And yes, he has a ponytail ... and yes, he cranks on the spraying and rolling (you need to do both to penetrate Stucco) - check out this video!
paint ponytail

221 - "Linda" from ( wrote at 2007_07_27_10:04:48.693:
Sweet new camera angle!

222 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_07_27_11:53:17.956:
Lunch time! Just watched one of the painter walk away with a little cooler.
Mr. Paint replies at 14:41 - Actually, the painters were heading home early - it was a bit overcast and there was a concern about rain. But a half hour later, the sun came out in full force with blue skies - bummer! They may come out on Saturday.

223 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_07_27_17:16:14.972:
It says that I am the only surfer viewing the Paint Webcam. Wow, you're amazing Mr Paint! How did you know that I'm a surfer? So, tell me smartypants, how many skiers, skaters or snowboarders are viewing?
Mr. Paint replies at 09:48 - Mr. Paint knows all!!!
P.S. Painters are coming over Saturday morning - UPDATE: got the whole family working today and they are cranking!

paint family

224 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_28_10:32:20.419:
Dueling Painters!

225 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_07_28_12:20:18.435:
Nice angle Mr Paint. Looks like the Paint Crew is hustling it today. Check out that beautiful sky and clouds in the background.

226 - "Kina in KC" from ( wrote at 2007_07_28_13:06:22.408:
WOW They are really hustling. I see all 3 of them moving like crazy. Like the color too Mr. G or maybe I should say Mrs. G aka Wendy. Have a good Saturday guys.

227 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_28_13:14:26.100:
Yea, they are cranking - Brian says they are on "baby time" since he (Dad), Keith (Grandpa), and Lynnee (Grandma) want to get back to his newborn. Incidentally, check out Lynnee's band for some groovy music to listen to while watching the paint dry - The Carribean Posse.

228 - "GWB" from ( wrote at 2007_07_28_14:11:12.621:
As George Bush, President of the United States, I hereby declare today National Paint Watching Day.

229 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_07_28_14:16:31.139:
It looks like that back fence needs some attention as well. A little wash with TSP and stain would fix it.

230 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_28_16:56:48.990:
Brian, Keith, and Lynnee cranked today - finishing the stucco and started the siding - watch 'em in action on this video! They said they'll be back Monday for sure ... and maybe even tomorrow - hope to wrap up the painting project by the end of the week.
paint brian mom

231 - "Piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_07_28_18:27:07.271:
That's a quick job! It looks like they do quality work as well.

232 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_07_29_10:33:44.235:
Mrs. Paint is concerned (and I agree) that the three colors we picked out are a bit too complicated ... so we may not do the siding color and go duo-tone with the trim. Brian was out for a bit this morning providing some color swathes to look at, and we'll make a decision later today so that when Keith & Steve show up tomorrow, they can crank away ... with live coverage (or course) on the webcam! ;-)

233 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_29_14:09:45.547:
Lynnee is a grandmother?
Mr. Paint replies at 20:21 - Yep - she's one cute painter who is hot with the paint roller - darn nice lady.

234 - "Some guy in the midwest" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_07_30_12:14:27.755:
Somebody needs to paint that fence in the foreground. You guys are doing a great job.

235 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_30_13:37:36.853:
Painters move fast across house - where is the Hot Grandma?

236 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_30_19:20:59.098:
Kids in the backyard - put them to work painting - LOL!

237 - "Anonymous" from (unresolvable) wrote at 2007_07_30_23:50:07.394:
______________________________ ______________________________

238 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_31_09:01:38.378:
Blue Shirt Painter missed a stop on the lower left of the 2nd window!!!

239 - "Jim" from ( wrote at 2007_07_31_09:03:42.181:
Third painter just showed up, but another dude. We want to see Hot Grandma - where is she?
Mr. Paint replies at 09:20 - Steve just showed up to join Keith and Jeff. Lynnee (the "Hot Grandma" - see earlier blog pictures) mostly does interiors ... but Keith (her (cute!) husband pictured below) says she'll come out for the webcam if enough interest from Internet surfers..
keith paint 1
keith paint 2

240 - "Rolf" from ( wrote at 2007_07_31_11:21:23.835:
Why painters taking the windows off?

241 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_31_11:29:27.718:
Rolf: it is essential to paint the entire outer surface/sides of the window for a smooth look, so that's why they take them off.

242 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_07_31_14:04:44.594:
Are painters out to lunch - haven't seen them in a while?
Mr. Paint replies at 11:53 - It's hot & sunny today - over 90°F ... so when I offered up some Coors Lights, they took a break in the shade. They promised me their paint lines will be super straight after they quaffed down the beers! ;-)
beer paint 1
beer paint 2

243 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_07_31_15:04:00.864:
Coors Light? Saving all the PBR's for yourself?

244 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_07_31_16:51:06.592:
mrs paint unplugged the cam! (Yep - that was her!!!)
paint image

245 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_08_01_06:54:05.408:
Today should be the last day of painting ... at least on the webcam. While there will probably be some misc. finishing work, that's not as exciting to watch, so I'm going to turn the webcam off this afternoon. So if you feel the need to Watch Paint Dry, tune in today!

246 - "Larry" from ( wrote at 2007_08_01_08:34:25.541:
I saw the ponytail dude - want Smokin' Hot Grandma out there painting today!

247 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_08_01_08:57:57.449:
I see a second painter, but looks like a dude, not Hot Painter Chick.
Mr. Paint replies at 09:56 - Actually have four painters out here - in order of appearance it is Keith, Jeff, Steve, and Nick ... but sorry, no Lynnee ... at least not yet! ;-)

248 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_08_01_09:57:40.726:
seems like good weather for painting. the hulk could be a smashing help on the last day. i'll miss your backyard

249 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_08_01_11:03:51.341:
That's a lot of ladders in the backyard and some long paint rollers - GO PAINT!

250 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_08_01_14:01:52.970:
There is a spot halfway up on the right side that needs some touch-up.

251 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_08_01_16:11:13.075:
Noooooooooo!! This CAN'T be the last day. I'm thinking you could use a coat of paint in the basement, or even better, have them paint the Delta 88. That would be fun to watch!!

252 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_08_01_20:25:43.410:
Painters still need another day to finish up ... so we'll have one (really) last day of live painting tomorrow - stay tuned!

253 - "noel" from ( wrote at 2007_08_02_06:00:16.052:
mr p, how bout making them paint starry night by van gogh on the roof so we can have endless fun? also the blue-ish colours would totally match the walls

254 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_08_02_12:56:05.148:
whats the wagon for?

255 - "Emily" from ( wrote at 2007_08_02_14:23:20.854:
You guys are awesome!

256 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_08_02_16:43:06.876:
The Paint Crew did a fine job. The house looks great Mr Paint, although, in my opinion, orange and black would have made the house much more Halloweeny. Anyway, thanks for letting us watch.

257 - "Painterman" from ( wrote at 2007_08_02_17:28:59.074:
Thanks for the compliment H2000, the whole crew has had a blast working on Mr./Mrs. Paints' house, couldn't ask for a nicer family. In fact, I was thinking if the paint community could pool enough money, we could hire Mr.P to follow the crews around and film so you can watch other peoples paint dry.

258 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_08_02_17:57:38.257:
Big black cloud. at 17:57
Mr. Paint replies at 18:59 - There are often late afternoon/evening thunder-boomers in the summer in Colorado ... so yea, here it is moving in from the West.
black paint image

259 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_08_02_21:11:54.433:
I've turned the webcam off as the painters are mostly done and there won't be that much more live action. I'll allow blog commenting for a few days - any last comments/questions from Paint Fans?

260 - "piobaireachd" from ( wrote at 2007_08_03_11:21:26.843:
Very cool Mr. Paint, thank you! Any upcoming big projects (besides Halloween and Christmas)?

261 - "H2000" from ( wrote at 2007_08_06_08:26:39.919:
Thanks again for letting us watch. It was fun.

262 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_08_07_14:26:55.037:
So sad it is over - when will you paint your house again?

263 - "Anonymous" from ( wrote at 2007_08_07_21:54:26.046:
I still dream about watching the paint dry on the webcam - LONG LIVE PAINT!

264 - Mr. Paint says at 2007_08_08:08:08.888:
Brian and his crew did a fine paint job - glad everyone enjoyed watching it on the webcam. If you live in/around the Republic of Boulder, give him a call at 303-249-1080 and ask for the Watching Paint Dry discount! Unfortunately, I (hopefully) won't be painting my house again for at least another 10 years ... but something else zany may come along that is paint related so circle back periodically. And yes, the holidays are approaching, so be sure to tune in for live webcam coverage of the halloween decorations and christmas lights. In the meantime, I can recommend watching grass grow! ;-)