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Black & White Hats!!!

With $7,000 up for grabs in the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem SEO Contest, it should come as no surprise that some black hat SEO's will enter the contest and use their nefarious tricks such as hidden keyword stuffing, 301/302 redirects, cloaking, etc. to try to "game" Google. These guys are very sneaky and also pretty gnarly looking - see below. Fortunately some white hat SEO's are helping out with this charity contest entry.

Black Hats

White Hats

Team Taggle

v7ndotcom elursrebem black hat seo

Team Taggle from France (led by Toms) has already stated that "We'll be violating the Google TOS 24/7 to win the v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest." While white hat SEO's like me will be keeping a close eye on them, we can only hope that Google is too ... similar to how they caught/punished BMW. Team Taggle's logo has already been seen at many web sites - some may be hacked - beware!

Green Hat HULK

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem HULK

Everyone has heard about black hats & white hats, but when you need some serious SMASHING, call in the Green Hat SEO Monster ... but whatever you do, don't make him angry. Thanx Philipp Lenssen for the comic - my kids loved it.

Black Hat Rat

black hat rat

The Black Hat Rat is typically not seen during the day, but can be very sneaky. Fortunately, they have a hankering for peanut butter which can be used to take care of 'em.

White Hat with M1 Carbine

white hat

While that Black Hat Rat was neutralized with a Victor Rat Trap, if they are persistant, then either drown 'em in zodiac boats or call in the White Hat SEO with an M-1 Carbine - just call 'em Arrrnnold The Terminator!

Black Hat Bat

black hat bat

Rarely seen except at dusk, the Black Hat Bat is one gnarly looking dude when seen up close. Handle with extreme care.

White Hat Shutgun Dude

shotgun dude

While argueably overkill for Black Hat Bats, the White Hat Shutgun Dude can take care of these pesky varmints and others.

Black Hat Cat

black hat cat

Since there is no honor among thieves, Black Hat Cats will even eat Black Hat Rats. Very dangerous when exposed and cornered. We support V7N - no way!

White Hat Cat

white cat

Yashi is a well know SEO White Hat Cat because he/she/it was in the New York Times. With that gold and crown, definitely the Queen (or maybe the King?) of the white hat cats.

Black Hat SEO on Steroids

black hat steroid

As can be seen, black hat SEO's are quite "pumped up" and can be very dangerous due to steroid induced rage. Thanx Toms from Taggle Team and here is their version.

White Hat Google Girl

google girl

While you might think that hotties like Google Girl are attracted to muscle-bound black hats, they actually go crazy over white hats who often end up ... well ... feeling lucky.