Waxy Video's


Just in case the watching paint dry webcam is too much fun/exciting for you (or you think my patio deck designs are more boring than my halloween decorations and christmas lights), check out these videos that were mentioned on Waxy. Andy wrote about these in August/2005, then in November/2005, and most recently in March/2006 when he asked for help mirroring cloning ... so I'm doing that here.

House of Cosbys #1 - High Quality Quicktime
House of Cosbys #2
House of Cosbys #3
House of Cosbys #4
House of Cosbys #5 (warning: offensive content; unofficial, fan-made response to cease-and-desist)
Listen Up, Theo (House of Cosbys music video, not safe for work)
Curiosity Cosby Blooper Reel