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In the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem SEO contest, $5,141.50 was raised for Celiac Disease Research ... and then another $1,000 in the CarCasherdotcom SEO contest. So what the heck, lets try to raise some more money and awareness for a good cause in the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 competition.

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January 16th, 2007 Update: While I don't plan to compete seriously in this contest, I figured I'd toss a web page up just for grins to see how it does on the leaderboard.

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Hulk's two little buddies have Celiac.
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GlobalWarming Awareness2007 in USA Today

GlobalWarming Awareness2007 in USA Today
The SEO's (Search Engine Optimizers) of the world are having yet another SEO contest - the goal is to rank #1 in Google, MSN, and Yahoo for the made up phrase "globalwarming awareness2007" with some big prizes awarded on May 1st, 2007 - detailed rules below.

I had previously entered my V7ndotcom Elursrebmem for Celiac Charity page in that SEO contest and when all the dust had settled, $5,141.50 was raised toward Celiac Disease Research. While I figured one SEO contest would be enough, I then decided to enter the CarCasherdotcom contest and ended up winning another $1,000 for charity. Being a glutton for punishment, I decided to toss up this page for the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 contest.

As before, if this web site wins the Global Warming Awareness 2007 seo contest, all winnings should be paid directly to charity - specifically the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research and as noted there, they'd be real appreciative ... although not sure what they will do with a Citroen Car?!?

So if you want to try to win the GlobalWarming contest for yourself, all the power to 'ya. But if you want to help win it for charity, then consider linking to this page using some permutation of globalwarming and/or awareness2007 in the anchor text. Note that the rules of the contest specifically prohibit any black hat techniques, so if you try to sabatoge this charity page, the HULK will smash you! ;-)

While I'd prefer to remain anonymous throughout this process, I'll share that the reason I'm doing this is because my two kids have Celiac Disease - an intolerance of gluten, which is in barley, rye, wheat, etc. This is not a food allergy, but an autoimmune disorder (like diabetes), so it is not something you grow out of. It is often un/mis-diagnosed, so raising awareness is another reason I'm doing this. Plus I'd love to see a cure so when my kids grow up, I would be able to go out and have a beer & pizza with them.

GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Rules

You can read the rules at the official GlobalWarming Awareness2007 site. In summary, they'll take the top ten ranking sites in Google, MSN, and Yahoo, and award them points - 10 for #1, 9 for #2, and so on. They total up the points, and whoever has the most wins. Tie-breaker is whoever ranks higher in Google. 1st prize is a Citroen C2 Car, 2nd prize is a Caribbean Cruise, and 3rd prize is a Plasma TV.

Note that another requirement is that the domain must be registered after January 15th, 2007. That is not the case here, so while I'm not elgible to win those prize, I thought I would just mix it up. Plus if this site does well, it becomes an authority on GlobalWarming Awareness2007 and other folks may request linkage that I might be willing to do in exchange for donations to charity.

The GlobalWarming website goes on to say "No dirty SEO techniques" which is easy for me - I wear a green hat! It also says I have to have an Email address for awarding of the prizes - you can contact me at globalwarming.awareness2007 followed by the domain name ... but any donations should just paid via credit card using the University of Maryland online donation form and please specify SEO contest.

GlobalWarming Awareness2007 Updates

2007/01/15: GlobalWarming Awareness2007 SEO Contest starts.

2007/01/16: As noted, I don't plan to seriously compete in the GlobalWarming contest, but thought it might be fun to toss this page up.

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